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Bible Study Lessons
Bible Study Lessons
Is the Bible relevant?
Does it have a purpose or a plan?
Or is it just a collection of old fables filled with myths and contradictions?
See for yourself! 
How is the Bible different from any other book? Look at the evidence. If the Bible claims to be the Word of God, it is a special book. This leads to a very personal question...
What does it mean to you?
Whether you have personal questions about
  • love
  • suffering
  • guilt
  • loneliness
  • success
  • God
  • the future
  • or the meaning of life
the Bible has answers.
The Bible is a light...
  • a mirror...
  • spiritual food...
  • a shield...
  • a sword...
  • a ...
  • a counselor!
  • a teacher
Jesus' life story was prophesied and described centuries before His birth. No other person has influenced the history of the world as much as Jesus.
  • Jesus lived in history!
  • Jesus had power!
  • Jesus was both God and man, not just an ordinary man!
  • Jesus changed the lives of others and He can change yours too!
Do you
  • rationalize it...
  • fake it...
  • ignore it...
  • just not make the effort
  • exercise diligence to really get to know it?...
Not knowing the Bible hinders us from growing deeper in Christ.
But the solution to this is to a daily regime of reading and studying God Word.  Then and only then you know God and can be better used to build His kingdom. 
The more you expose yourself to His Word, the more He will expose His Word to you!
There is no substitute for time spent in the face of our Lord!  The capable Bible student is rooted and grounded in the spiritual disciplines of the faith; his or her drive is a passionate love relationship to the Lordship of Christ.  And what flows out of it is the desire to love God's people, to herd them with love into the pastures of maturity.
I How is your prayer life?
Is prayer your first response
for all thoughts and encounters in life?
If not why not?

Why We Pray
  • Is prayer your first response for all thoughts and encounters in your life?
  • Have you ever thought through why you do not spend more time with God?
  • What aspects of your time and commitment hold you back from prayer?
Most of us do not have the kind of prayer life we should have; in my experience, most people give up because either
  • they do not know how to pray
  • they do not understand the significance of prayer.
Others may have prayer lives but they are not godly people or effectual prayers
These tend to be the prayers with only the self-interests or personal agendas in mind... 

How Do I Pray
  • What if I have never been taught how to personally pray or to talk to God?
  • What if I grew up in a church that never had conversational or personal prayer?
  • What if I only know liturgy?
  • What if I offend God?
If you think that you do not know how to pray, you need to ask yourself.
Do I know how to talk and listen? 
If you know how to talk to another person, then you know how to pray!
Prayer is basically our communication with God who wants the best for us and to hear from us!
Do I feel Connected To God?
To pursue a more vibrant prayer life, we have to be willing and able to saturate ourselves with it and in it!
Also, we need a desire to move our prayer life from the occasional extracurricular activity to a passionate pursuit, and carry out prayer
  • sincerely
  • earnestly
  • vibrantly
with His Spirit and Truth!
This means prayer must become more than just a thing we do; rather, it becomes an attitude and a constant pursuit.  We want to grow beyond our regular little prayer times.
II  Why Study The Bible
We have the incredible privilege to hear and know God personally through
His Word!
The Bible is our principle platform for our encounters with the God Who has something holy and precious to say to us, and we must hear it excitedly!
We are to get into God's Word because it is the framework the foundation, the anchor of the Living God.
  • His principles
  • calls
  • plans for us
  • spiritual growth
  • prosperity in our lives
These things are in its pages.
We must do our best to immerse ourselves
  • to meet Him
  • to know Him
  • to internalize His precepts
  • to live them out
We can do this for His glory and our mutual benefit.
Therefore, we must...
  • listen
  • learn
  • do ...
It is when we are comfortable and complacent that our lack of willingness clouds us from growing in our Lord.
The problem is our neglect, not the Bible!
The Word of God is Essential to our Function as a Christian!
The bible is essential to our understanding of not only God, but ourselves as well.
Without God's Word we will be purposeless and disrupted from our call and the purpose for our salvation.
When we base our lives on the Word of God, then Christ can create His work in us by the power of the Spirit!
God even commands us to study His Word as the priority before we do anything else...
We must study the Bible because it is the Foundation for Life.



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Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet
"Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet, and a Light unto my Path"Psalm 119:105

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